11 Tips to help make YARD SALE a SUCCESS

1st)  Clear signs are important for directing people to your sale:
Spring is in the air, and YARD SALE season has begun. The great weather has motivated me to do a little spring cleaning. Iím considering holding a yard sale of this week-end to make a little money off my useless junk treasured possessions. With that in mind, this family is all about holding a successful garage sale.

2nd)  Advertise YARD SALE:
Itís a fact, if nobody knows about your YARD SALE, you wonít make any money. Itís important to advertise your YARD SALE. Spending a few dollars to advertise in the newspaper is usually a good investment. Make sure you use word of mouth to promote your sale and let them know about your ad in YARD SALE YEAR ROUND.com

3rd)  Price Everything:
Have you ever been to a YARD SALE where nothing has a price tag? I have, and I usually get back in my car and head to the next sale. YARD SALE shoppers donít like to ask for prices. Worse yet, if itís busy, they might not be able to get your attention to ask for a price. Itís better to have a price for everything, even if itís color-coded stickers. Just make sure that you have a big sign telling everyone what price each color stands for.  Iím also of the belief that bargains pricing is better than trying to get the maximum amount out of each item youíre selling. Presumably youíre having a YARD SALE to get rid of stuff. Iíd rather take bargain prices and get rid of more stuff than charge premium prices and have to decide what to do with the YARD SALE   leftovers.

4th)  Have Plenty of Change on Hand:
Do not short-change yourself (pun intended). You should have, at the very least, a roll of quarters, a roll of dimes, a roll of nickels, 20 one dollar bills, a few fives, and a couple of tens. I usually have around 40 one dollar bills, because I hate to be stuck without change. I also seem to attract early morning shoppers who pay for $2 items with $20 bills.  If youíre working your sale alone, itís imperative to have enough change. Youíre going to have to turn people away if you canít make change.  If thereís nobody else home to do a change run for you, your sale could end up being a bust.

5th)  Keep Security In Mind:

While YARD SALES are fun, they also attract less than honest people. I held a YARD SALE with a friend one time, and someone walked off with an expensive watch.  If you are selling small, expensive items, make sure you position them close to you and away from the street. Keep an eye on them as much as you can.  Also make sure your money is secure. I like to wear a fanny pack that holds my change. I just feel better knowing that my money is with me at all times. That way, if someone has a question about an item, I can walk over to assist them, without worrying about whether my money is safe.  If youíre bringing in a lot of money, itís also a good idea to put some of the money in the house for safekeeping periodically. That way if your money does get stolen, you wonít lose it all.

6th)  Neatness Matters:
When you set your stuff out for display, make sure it is displayed neatly. If you are selling clothes, they will sell better if you find a way to hang them up. At the very least, fold them neatly, and separate them by sizes. Things will sell better if like items are grouped together and people donít have to dig through piles of junk to find the treasure theyíre looking for.  Having neat displays also tells people that you care about your stuff. Shoppers will be more apt to believe that youíve taken great care of the stuff that youíre selling if itís displayed neatly.

7th)  Make Sure You Have Bags Available:
Many people will not come to a YARD SALE prepared with a bag. You should save your grocery bags in the weeks leading up to your sale, so you can offer them to your shoppers. If you see a shopper holding a few things, ask if theyíd like a bag. The more people can hold, the more they will buy!

8th)  Refreshments Never Hurt:
Make your YARD SALE welcoming. Offer coffee on a cool morning. Lemonade is great on a hot afternoon. Muffins also go over well with early morning shoppers who may not have taken the time to eat breakfast.  Serving refreshments is also a great way to get the kids involved. People love to buy stuff from kids, so have your kids run a lemonade stand. An added benefit is that your kids will learn about customer service, counting change, and entrepreneurship.

9th)  Bright, Clear Signs Are a Must:
I hate following signs to a YARD SALE, only to get lost, because the signs stop. Make sure your signs are clear. Neon yellow paper works well for YARD SALE signs. It grabs attention, and black writing shows up well on the sign. Make big arrows, and put signs on every corner, so a driver doesnít wonder if they missed a sign.  Just make sure you obey the laws of your town in hanging up your signs, and please take down the signs when your sale is over. Thereís nothing more annoying than following signs to a YARD SALE that ended a week ago.

10th) Offer Bargains as the Day Goes On:
My favorite YARD SALE strategy is to offer bargains when the sale is coming to an end. If I do a sale on Friday, I will post a sign saying ďEverything half price after noon!Ē By doing that, I get the benefit of selling things at full price for the serious early morning shoppers, and I get rid of more stuff by selling things at a discount to the afternoon shoppers.  I have two goals when I hold a YARD SALE. The first is to make money, and the second is to get rid of stuff. By slashing my prices when the YARD SALE is almost over, I accomplish both.

11th) Have a Plan for the Leftovers:
When your YARD SALE is over, you will have stuff that didnít sell. DO NOT bring it back into your house! You donít need the clutter. Before you even begin your sale, have a plan for what to do when it ends.  One option is to put a post up offering everything free for whoever hauls it away. Another option is to see if a charity in your area offers a pickup service. If youíre going with that option, set up the pickup time well before your sale. I usually have to schedule pickup a month in advance.  Hopefully these tips will help you make your next YARD
SALE a huge success!    The Yard Sale Year Round staff

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